Components of Inbound Marketing

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Real results come when brands commit to becoming a publisher and developing a significant audience, which can be tapped for leads.

This means an investment – of capital and human resources.  To ensure that investment yields the desired results, content marketing must evolve from an experiment to a structured business process.  Leadership needs insights into not only aggregate performance throughout integration, but performance analyzed by different dimensions such as author, category and content type so that the team can understand what is working and what is not, and why.  The major cost therefore is is the element of content marketing is the dedicated staff.  For Mid-Sized Businesses the fully-loaded cost of the Managing Editor is $80,000 a year and up.  If you are looking for two blog posts per week from freelancers at around $150 per post,  which  amounts $1,290  a month.  In  addition your looking at $2,500  for a  premium content  piece  once  a month  is  calculated. On the tech side there are $1,500 for mid-sized of recurring expenses for software and hosting. There are other various one time fees also to be calculated.

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Content marketing efforts that begin from scratch start with very small audiences that grow over time.

There is a snowball effect to building audiences; as Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute has pointed out, content marketing is a “war of attrition.” The war of attrition is better described from the movie Money Ball. Billy Beane states in a team meeting:

“Everyone wants to attack. Quit trying to attack.  Let the game come to you. There’s no clock on this thing. This is a war of attrition…Let them make the mistakes and when your enemies are making mistakes, don’t interrupt them….this is a process, a process, a process.”

Simply, put most content marketing mistakes happen because of the content stops. We keep our promise with content coming for decades and decades. With content marketing integration this is made simple by Squarejive and when your company is repping out content daily, it needs to be simple and easy to use day in, day out.

With the conversion rate – the number of visitors that become sales leads varies but the traffic forecasts shown above yields 4,172 leads over 24 months  and 13,569 for the larger organizations.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 11.49.25 AMThe principal objective in content marketing is quality traffic to your site.

There is strong variance in the mount of traffic generated by different content marketing operations.  A strategy is key on how to get people to automatically go to your site. Whether it is the numbers to worry about or not, the main point to get across is quality and will keep people coming back to the site and gain new eyes discovering it.

With a strong content management and integration system the ROI is endless in fact. With everything going to mobile and across all platforms it will easily be seen by millions of web browsing people.

The number of leads per $1,000 in content marketing starts very low but around 19 months, as the content marketing operation builds its audience, the number of leades per $1,000 surpasses that of paid search. The audience then continues to grow, the effectiveness of content marketing continues to grow while the need to contiue to pay for ads remains the same. Then after 36 months, content marketing has generated 31 leads per $1,000 spent, 3.3 greater than the 9 leads for paid search. In content marketing, once you’ve build your audience, you own it and it continues to generate marketing results.  You no longer have to pay rent to media. Its a
long-term effort, but will measure up immensely.


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